China, Weihai City

Besuch einer Delegation chinesischer Pflegeexperten

Interview mit Caroline

1. How is the current situation regarding Covid-Infections in your city/ country?

After more than two months of strict prevention and control measures participated by each individual in China, the COVID-19 has been basically controlled at present. There has been no new domestic cases reported in the mainland of China for many days, but there are still new imported cases from overseas.

2. What activities are possible, what activities are not possible regarding training of candidates?

At present, the education governing authorities have not announced the time of school reopening in our city (Weihai), so activities such as on-site training of trainees can not be carried out, but in order to promote the progress of students’ learning, we have changed the on-site training into online training. In addition, the German language examination of Goethe Institut was also postponed due to the epidemic, the latest time to resume the examination has not been announced yet.

3. How is your experience with digital working and collaboration (videoconferences, calls)?
What are the difficulties, what works well?

In order to implement the best prevention and control of the coronavirus outbreak, we immediately started online working system at home. It is very convenient to communicate through telephone, instant messaging, voice or video conferencing etc.. Communication with German customers is also conducted via email and social software as usual, without any impact.

4. How are the language lessons going on?

At the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, due to the inability to organize face-to-face classes, we immediately switched the mode of onsite training to online training to continue German language learning. We also encourage and supervise students to keep learning by telephone and social software after class.

5. What do you need most to continue the training for Germany?

At present, German language training are conducted through online. We are looking forward to the early end of the Covid-19, and return to the mode of face-to-face German training.

6. Is it possible to prepare candidates for their departure to a hospital in Germany in the near
future? (disregarding lacking flight options in these days)

At present, due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Germany, the State Recognition Office, Head of the Federal Employment Agency, Foreigners Authority and the German Embassy are not able to work efficiently and effectively. The speed of documents approval processing has been greatly slowed down, therefore our nurses who have been selected by the employer can not get the required documents for VISA interview in time. And the nurses starts to loose confidence due to the prolonged processing and waiting time before departure. We need to do a lot of communication to encourage them to continue language learning and stick to the ongoing process of preparation for Germany employment.

7. Do you have a personal wish for the situation or an advice how to overcome and continue best this situation Covid-19?

We hope that the Covid-19 will be brought under control as soon as possible in Germany and all over the world, but it will also require the cooperation of the entire population. Reducing travel and wearing masks are indeed effective preventive measures. We also learned that medical supplies in Germany are in a shortage. We would like to assist to purchase medical supplies such as masks etc. from China. In addition, It is hoped that the related German authorities can expedite the approval speed of the overseas nurses’ documents after the pandemic has been stabilized in order to provide convenience for more nursing staff to join working in Germany.

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