The Onea Care Process

Interviewing and selection of candidates in countries outside the EU

Interviewing and selection of candidates

The first step in the Onea Care process is to pre-select the candidates in their home country. Thanks to our network of partner universities, candidates for a placement in a German facility can apply to us and will be selected based on Onea Care criteria. The candidates reviewed by us have certified healthcare qualifications. When selecting candidates for placements in German clinics or care homes, we also take long-term motivation into consideration. Occupational experience and areas of focus during studies/training play an especially important role here.

Onea Care Profile

  • Summary of the qualifications held by foreign applicants
  • Written application in German
  • Letter of motivation in German
  • Qualification and occupational references
  • Review of all information
  • Local interview with our partner

Candidate interviews

Selection meeting with employer

  • In person, on site
  • By telephone
  • By Skype/video conference

Milestone: Signing a MoU*)

*) Memorandum of Understanding

1 month in countries outside the EU

Language and specialist training phase

Occupational training

Aim: To make it easier to settle in and integrate at German retirement homes / hospitals by providing specific specialist knowledge


  • Hygiene
  • Patient safety
  • Occupational health


Duration: Four full days of lessons

Language training

Particular focus is paid to healthcare-relevant language training in native countries:

  • language certification level B2*) must be achieved in home countries as a minimum.
  • Project-specific cultural differences are covered in language training.
  • Language training with medical jargon.

*) Certification in accordance with CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Orientation training

  • Aim: To give skilled workers the necessary starting points and knowledge (living and working in Germany) for independent orientation in Germany
  • Content: Background information about Germany: country, people and culture.
    • Administrative requirements and processes
    • Overview of the travel process
    • “Itinerary” for initial steps in Germany
  • Duration: 1 full day

Milestone: Employment contract and transfer to Germany

6-8 months in countries outside the EU

Process to be recognized as nurses in Germany

Onea Care GmbH advises and supports you in the selection of two possible recognition routes:

  • Adaptation course
  • Preparatory exam course

During this phase, the candidates will already be employed as assistant nurses.

Milestone: Recognition as fully qualified nursing staff

up to 1 year in Germany

Qualified care in long-term jobs

Placement in your facility

Your investment in new staff will especially pay off when qualified work is carried out within long-term employment.

One significant factor is the successful integration of employees into Germany’s working world and wider society. We’d be happy to advise and guide you in developing your integration concept.

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