Onea Care – Long-Term Staffing with Nurses from countries outside the EU

Healthcare staff for
hospitals and care facilities

High-quality specialist training

Language qualifications
B2 level (CEFRL)

About Onea Care

Onea Care is a staffing and business consultancy specializing in the recruitment of nurses in countries outside the EU. On behalf of our German clients, we purposefully seek new staff for the healthcare sector, train these in their native countries with the help of our cooperation partners, and oversee the whole recognition process. Our comprehensive international network puts us in a position to

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The Onea Care Solution for the Skilled Healthcare Worker Shortage: Nursing Staff from Countries outside the EU

Preparatory occupational training

  • Healthcare training completed in native country
  • Recognized in Germany as nurses
  • Average age of 25

Language training

Particular focus is paid to healthcare-relevant language training in native countries:

  • language certification level B2*) must be achieved in home countries as a minimum.
  • Project-specific cultural differences are covered in language training.
  • Language training with medical jargon.

*) Certification in accordance with CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Preparation for a nursing placement in Germany

  • The German healthcare sector
  • Realistic preparation for basic care in Germany

The Onea Care Recruitment Process

Total duration 10-12 months



and interviewing of candidates based on the requirement profile in countries outside the EU

in countries outside the EU

Training phase

Training phase

Language and specialist training phase
Orientation training

6-8 months in countries outside the EU



Recognition and integration phase
as nursing assistants

up to 1 year in Germany



Employment in your facilities as fully qualified nursing staff

Long-term employment relationships


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