About Onea Care

Onea Care is a staffing and business consultancy specializing in the recruitment of nurses in countries outside the EU. On behalf of our German clients, we purposefully seek new staff for the healthcare sector, train these in their native countries with the help of our cooperation partners, and oversee the whole recognition process. Our comprehensive international network puts us in a position to acquire the right staff from various countries outside the EU for the German healthcare sector. We therefore offer our customers a meaningful, long-term solution to uphold statutory staffing minimums.

From experience, we know how much value can be added by the successful collaboration of different nations when integration works. With this in mind, diversity is a significant asset for the German healthcare sector. To ensure that foreign workers are successfully incorporated into your business, we are happy to provide you with competent advice in creating your open and positive company culture. Benefit from our know-how, our reliable network and our comprehensive support.

We look forward to speaking with you, your own story and our solution.

Leon Bauer

Managing Shareholder

Leon Bauer completed his degree in International Economics at Maastricht University, and wrote his master thesis on organization theory. Since then, he feels at home on the international market. He has set up global sales networks and opened up new markets for renowned German companies and groups. During the course of his career, he lived in Africa and Asia for many years. From his own experience, he knows what integration means and how it can work. In 2016, he founded Sinocura, his first company. He is now expanding his expertise in the field of international healthcare recruitment with Onea Care.

Cooperation Partners

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the world’s leading providers of online-based language learning programs and already works with over 22,000 educational facilities, 12,000 businesses and 9,000 public institutions.



Weihai International Economic & Technical Cooperative Co., Ltd. (WIETC) has been recognized by the Chinese Ministry of the Economy for the International Market since 1989. Its services include international recruitment.



Beagle Inc. is a German language center based in the heart of the Philippine capital of Manila, next door to the German embassy. The company’s aim is to support German companies in overcoming language barriers and cultural challenges in recruiting Philippine workers. Beagle Inc. is the only provider in the Philippines that can offer all necessary language services in one place.


Health Care

Based in Dusseldorf, HealthCare Personalmanagement GmbH is a HR consultancy specializing in healthcare. HealthCare has been recruiting highly qualified managers and doctors for German clinics for 15 years.



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