Here are a few statements from nursing staff that have found a new home in Germany through Onea Care:

“Moving to Germany was a big step for me. Onea Care GmbH gave me good advice and prepared me for the trip in workshops. During the recognition phase in Germany, I was supported and felt safe and understood. My occupational training was quickly recognized thanks to support from Mr. Bauer.”
Zao Y.

Registered nurse

“Without Mr. Bauer and Onea Care, I would not have been recognized in Germany as quickly. Whenever we needed advice, they were there for us.”
Zhang Y.

Registered nurse

“I found it especially important that Mr. Bauer also taught my German colleagues a little about China and healthcare there. So there was an understanding from the very beginning.”
Tianyi C.

Registered nurse

“I came to Germany in October of 2017. We were informed about the German healthcare sector by Onea Care GmbH and were supported very well during recognition in Germany. I have been working as a registered nurse in Germany since June 2018.”
Zhou W.

Registered nurse

For Healthcare Workers


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Deutsche Altershilfe Wilhelmine Lübke Stiftung e.V.

Due to demographic population change, Germany has such a high demand for nursing staff that it cannot cover its needs with native workers. Onea Care has specialized in preparing interested qualified healthcare workers from non-EU states for long-term positions in Germany and guiding them through the whole integration process. As we only work on behalf of our clients, all of our services are free of charge for the nursing staff.
Working conditions in Germany are considered very good. And for good reason, as the conditions are among the world’s most attractive. Payment is good, and a guaranteed minimum of 24 days’ holiday and 10 public holidays per year are just some of the invaluable benefits of the German healthcare sector.
Onea Care works closely with state-recognized companies in your country. Our portfolio includes intense language and intercultural preparation for working in Germany. Our clients are renowned hospitals, clinics and care facilities with which we maintain close cooperation. As we place great importance on the long term, we choose clients with care and offer you comprehensive support with an eye on longevity (including language courses, adaptation training, equivalence assessment and occupational recognition processes).

How working with Onea Care will benefit you:

  • Experienced set contacts
  • Qualified training centers for your preparatory course for the exam or adaptation course
  • Comprehensive intercultural training
  • Selected reputable employers in Germany
  • Attractive working conditions
  • A long-term placement in Germany
  • Occupational recognition / equivalence assessment

You’ll find an overview of the whole recognition process here.

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