Visit from a Delegation of Chinese Healthcare Experts

Besuch einer Delegation chinesischer Pflegeexperten

On May 23, Leon Bauer (back left in the photo), CEO of Onea Care GmbH, hosted a Chinese delegation from the Heilongjiang nursing and healthcare training school and the Shangdong International Nurse Training Center (SINTC) in Dusseldorf. The four Chinese nursing and healthcare experts came to get an idea of working conditions in the German healthcare sector. Since 2015, the SINTC and the healthcare school in Heilongjiang have been working closely with Mr. Bauer from Onea Care.

Countless Chinese nurses have already made their way to Germany and are currently working as registered care workers and nurses in German clinics. Onea Care places especially great importance on the integration of foreign workers, as this is the only way to guarantee successful long-term collaboration.

The delegation visited a OneaCare GmbH customer and gained insight into the everyday running of German intensive care clinics. Due to the tense staffing situation in the German healthcare sector, foreign workers are an essential pillar to uphold the duty of medical care. In return, Germany is very attractive especially to Chinese workers thanks to the good economy, job security and work-life balance.

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