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mohamed boukouriamohamed boukouria
08:36 20 Jan 21
One of the best companies bringing skilled workers in the medical field such as nurses, their services are very good, fast and professionalThey also do everything and all immigration procedures, even the first days in GermanyAnd they have very good relations with hospitalsThey are also nice and adorable peopleOnea Care So I am very happy to have done all the stages of immigration withAls eines der besten Unternehmen, das Fachkräfte im medizinischen Bereich wie Krankenschwestern anzieht, sind ihre Dienstleistungen sehr gut, schnell und professionellSie führen auch alles und alle Einwanderungsverfahren durch, auch die ersten Tage in DeutschlandUnd sie haben sehr gute Beziehungen zu KrankenhäusernSie sind auch nette LeuteIch bin sehr froh, alle Phasen der Einwanderung mit Onea Care abgeschlossen zu haben
You can safely recommend Onea-Care. Help with documentation, support at all levels. Consultation on all issues. Thank you very much for the opportunity!
A high-level recruiting company for training and employment of medical personnel in German clinics. From my own experience, I can say with confidence that this company is a reliable partner on the way to your employment: support and support at all stages of paperwork, assistance in obtaining a visa and relocation - and all this in the shortest possible time, even now, in such a difficult period of the epidemic . If you are planning to gain valuable work experience in a German clinic and know or are learning German now, please contact OneaCare.
Kevin JiKevin Ji
02:54 04 Jul 20
Onea-Care is a reliable partner for job seekers, employers and business partners in the German healthcare section offering staffing services for medical facilities across the county. Working with Onea-care is a hassle-free experience for nurses with an international background as German language training, recognition documentation, integration program and accommodation are being well taken care of.
Nusha WesthoffNusha Westhoff
21:37 03 Jul 20
Great service, we are extremely enthusiastic about the service and can only recommend Onea Care.



vom Kuratorium
Deutsche Altershilfe Wilhelmine Lübke Stiftung e.V.

由于人口的人口发展,德国护士的需求已经变得如此之大,以至于它不能再被自己的专家所覆盖。 Onea Care专门培养来自非欧盟国家的训练有素的护士,他们对德国的长期工作感兴趣,并在整个整合过程中陪伴他们。 由于我们仅代表客户采取行动,因此我们作为护理人员可免费为您提供所有服务。

德国的工作条件被认为是非常好的,世界上几乎没有任何其他国家提供这样有吸引力的条件。 付款处于较高水平,每年保证最少24天假期和10个假期只是德国医疗保健行业的一些宝贵利益。

Onea Care与您所在国家/地区的国家认可公司密切合作。 我们的产品组合包括在德国工作的强化语言和跨文化准备。 我们的客户是着名的医院,诊所和疗养院,我们与他们保持密切合作。 因为我们重视可持续发展,我们明智地选择我们的客户并为您提供全面和长期的支持(包括语言课程,适应性,对等性和专业认可/认可)。

与Onea Care合作的好处包括:

  • 坚实而有经验的联系人
  • 适合您的知识测试或适应课程预备课程的合格培训中心
  • 全面的跨文化培训
  • 德国精选的信誉良好的雇主
  • 有吸引力的工作条
  • 德国的长期雇佣关系
  • 专业认可/等同评估


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