Christian Nitsch, CEO of the Clivia Group:

“We are happy to have found a competent and reliable partner in recruiting foreign nursing staff in Onea Care GmbH.”

Our Clients

Hospitals and clinics

Retirement and care homes

Onea Care tackles existing staff shortages using the international employee market.

To this end, we strictly uphold the the WHO’s code of conduct on the international recruitment of healthcare staff. The recruitment takes place in close cooperation with companies licensed by the relevant government.

The investment of potential employers only pays off when there is a long-term collaboration with the new foreign workers. So that healthcare staff from countries outside the EU can find a new home in Germany, they need comprehensive support during the process of their integration. Onea Care focuses especially on personal support in these initial years of integration.

Our healthcare workers

Selected countries

Nursing and care work is seen as positive and honorable in our selected countries, such as China, the Philippines and Russia. One reason is the particular respect afforded to seniors in Asian culture. Onea Care approaches fully qualified healthcare workers with help from local cooperation partners. Due to societal and economic structures, German working conditions are very attractive to many applicants from countries outside the EU.

Candidate pre-selection

We first establish your needs and get an impression of your existing company and department culture. This knowledge helps us choose a country as well as select candidates. In an initial application process, Onea Care makes a pre-selection of suitable applicants. You make the final decision.

Language and intercultural training

In preparatory language and intercultural training sessions, Onea Care makes the course participants familiar with German healthcare standards, training guidelines, German culture and the German healthcare sector in their home countries, ensuring the success of the integration process later on.


The healthcare staff are trained in qualified, state-recognized schools in their home countries, e.g. these training centers run by our cooperation partner WIETC in China:

Benefits for you

  • Long-term coverage of your nursing staff needs
  • Recruitment only from countries with excess nursing staff
  • Ensuring the wellbeing and safety of your patients
  • Diversity
  • Long-term, competent local partners
  • Flexible solutions for your individual healthcare staffing needs
  • A reliable, experienced partner at your side
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